In addition to the photographs below, historical photographs of Noel Q. King can be viewed within UCSC's online Digital Collections.

  • Noel smiling
  • Noel as a boy
  • Noel walking at Merrill
  • Noel’s father, William
  • Picture of Noel sent by Dr. Tarlochan S. Nahal.
  • Noel with Philip Bell at the Merrill College graduation in 1970
  • Jathedar Manjit Singh (Sikh High Priest) honors Dr. Noel King at Nanak Dwara Asharam, Phoenix, Arozona. The Sikh congregation is seen. Phoenix, Arizona, January 1999
  • Pat Puder, Mike Simpson, and Noel on the deck of the King home.
  • Noel at Fort Bhatner.
  • Noel waving
  • Noel smiling