Student Opportunities at Merrill

Merrill student Sara Zepeda is a previous participant in the Merrill Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program and worked under Professor of History Dana Frank.

Merrill Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program

       The Merrill Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program enables upper-division students to work closely with faculty members by assisting them on their research via paid research mentorships. Students learn methods and techniques for research under a faculty member actively engaged in current research. Faculty members mentor students in unique one-on-one partnerships, teaching students hands-on research practices in their mutual fields of interest. Faculty thus inspire potential research paths while serving as guides and companions, a wonderful introduction to the world of research for students still in an undergraduate program. Once you’re an upper division student, you should be taking the time to connect with UCSC faculty. Here’s an opportunity that enables you be engaged in their current research! This mentorship program allows you to work closely with a faculty member, gaining hands-on research practices in mutual fields of interest while learning methods and techniques in a one-on-one partnership. Don’t miss out on the chance to be guided through your potential pathway to research!

Merrill Peer Mentoring Program (MP²)

       The Merrill Peer Mentoring Program is a vital new resource. Trained student mentors help incoming students seeking the guidance of those who have walked in their shoes ahead of them. For
student mentees, the program operates as a hub of information about how the university works and its available services, and knowledge about how to navigate these services. This program makes use of the experience of slightly older students who have first-hand knowledge about the university and who serve as guides to students who may not know of the resources or opportunities available to them at the university. MP² mentors are trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate: friendly and relatable guides for younger students. MP² shares an office at Merrill with Dreamweavers at the Merrill Faculty Annex, room 101A.

Merrill College Field Study

Learning outside of the classroom, otherwise known as field study, is an innovative and inspiring way to get engaged with the larger Santa Cruz community! Whether you elect an existing internship in a community program or choose to design your own based on interested research, the Merrill Field Study program (MERR 90F, offered Fall and Winter quarters) is unique in that it allows students to further their exploration in an area that may not be their major field. Please see the Merrill College website for more details!

  • The program will be 11 weeks long and students will earn either 2 or 5 units of academic credit; 2 units will be awarded for 55 hours of completed fieldwork and 5 units will be awarded for 110 hours. As a class, participants in the Merrill Field Study Program will meet every other week.

Contact: Mike Rotkin |

Merrill Student Government

Be a part of the Merrill student voice! This open space serves as a platform to be heard! Bring your concerns or interests to the Merrill Administration and other campus constituencies by getting involved with the Merrill Student Government. You will help organize college activities, allocate funding that supports social, cultural, and educational activities related to our Merrill theme, and further support UCSC student organizations! Weekly meetings on Thursdays at 8:00pm @ the Charles E. Merrill Lounge.

Frausto Scholarship for UC Education Abroad Program (EAP)

The Sandra Frausto Student Award seeks to reward the achievements of University of California, Santa Cruz students who in their undergraduate years have combined academic excellence with a commitment to increasing the understanding or improving the welfare of Chicanas/Latinas in the United States.  The award particularly seeks to recognize those whose UC Santa Cruz education will provide a foundation for a career in Education or in teaching.  The award is named in memory of Sandra Frausto, a student of Merrill College who died prematurely while studying abroad in Mexico City.

Open to UCSC students who have been selected or have officially applied to study abroad on a Summer 2016, Fall 2016, or Academic Year 2016-17 UCEAP program.  Students who apply to this scholarship must be a Merrill College student, majoring in Community Studies, Education, Latino & Latina American Studies, Politics, or another Social Science field of study, and be a first generation college student.  Priority is given to Merrill students. Award is $750.00 and applications are due MARCH 7, 2016. Apply here!

UCSC College Scholarship for UCEAP

Open to UCSC students who have been selected or have officially applied to study abroad on a UCEAP program.  You are only eligible for the scholarship award of the college to which you are affiliated.  Award is $1000.00. Applications for Summer 2016, Fall 2016, or Academic Year 2016-17 UCEAP programs are due MARCH 7, 2016.

Scholarships for Undocumented Students

The Undocumented Student Services has been working on a list of scholarships that undocumented students can apply to throughout the year. The list is sorted out by amount, deadline and name. In addition, you can also see the scholarships that are available for both DACA and non-DACA students. This list will be updated throughout the year, so make sure to check it constantly for new updates and new scholarships. For more resources available to undocumented students, connect with the Dreamweavers chapter on campus.

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Other Enrichment & Scholarship Opportunities

       There are a variety of opportunities, programs, and scholarships available to UCSC students across departments. Check out the above listing of currently offered programs to help you reach your goals!