Crown/Merrill Move Out 2022

Residences close Friday, June 10 at 12pm Noon

Students in residence without an approved extension will be fined $100, escorted off-premises, and may face conduct action.


Before Move-Out

Apply for Transitional Housing: Summer Students

Students taking Summer Session courses can apply for transitional housing during the gap between Spring session ending and Summer starting.

Apply for Transitional Housing

More about Transitional Housing

Deadline: Friday, May 20


Apply for Alternative Housing: Student Workers, Renaissance Scholars, Academic Interns

Students working for UCSC, Renaissance scholars, or staying on campus for academic purposes unrelated to summer session can apply for alternative housing for the summer.

Apply for Alternative Housing

More about Alternative Housing

Deadline: Friday, May 20


Apply for Move-Out Extension: Commencing, Working, & Summer Students

Students who are:

  • Participating in Commencement;
  • Working on campus;
  • Moving to another college for UCSC Summer Session;
  • Catching an international flight

may request to stay in residence through the weekend (June 11 - 12) through your Student Housing Portal. You are not approved until you receive a confirmation email.

Apply for Move-Out Extension

Deadline: Wednesday, June 8


Express Checkout

Info coming soon!


Drop off items to Zero-Waste Donation Centers

Donate clean clothes, household items, small furniture, unopened non-perishable food, and working electronics to donation stations near residences.

  • No torn or dirty clothes, pillows, glass, or cleaning products. 

Recycle bottles, cardboard, and electronics at recycling stations around the college.

Dispose medications and sharps at the Student Health Center.


Update Your Mailing Address

Change your address on your Student Housing Portal.

Your diploma, billing statement, and other University business will be sent to this address.


Pick Up Your Mail

Retrieve all mail from the Mailroom.

The Mailroom is closed for the summer. All unretrieved mail will be Returned to Sender.


Move-Out Day

Return MicroFridge Rentals

More info coming soon!

Bring your clean, defrosted unit to:

x:xx - x:xx Crown College Circle

x:xx - x:xx Merrill Plaza

You must wait with your MicroFridge until staff have checked you in.


Pack and Clean

  • Pack and remove all belongings
  • Take your bike
  • Return all furniture to proper location
  • Clean shelves, cabinets, drawers
  • Clean, close, and lock windows
  • Clean walls, remove thumbtacks, tape, etc.
  • Clean sliding glass door
  • Vacuum/sweep floor
  • Dust cobwebs
  • Take out trash and recycling


  • Remove items from cabinets
  • Clean sink
  • Clean shower (especially hair)
  • Scrub toilet

  • Remove food and clean refrigerator
    • Apartments - leave plugged in
    • Res Halls - remove refrigerator
  • Remove belongings from cabinets, pantry, and under the sink
  • Remove dishes, utensils, tupperware, towels, etc.
  • Clean stove, oven, and around burners
  • Clean sink

    Last one out…
  • Turn off all lights, fans, and heater
  • Close and lock all windows and doors

Damages are assessed during move-out inspection. Damage to common spaces are billed to all residents. Learn about Housing Damage Charges.