Crown/Merrill Move Out 2023

Move-Out Date

Friday, June 16, 2023 at 12 noon all undergraduate residential facilities close. 

Note: Students may be asked to move out at an earlier date if all spring quarter finals are completed.

Move-Out and Commencement: Beginning Thursday, June 15, access to and from campus, and parking availability, will be greatly impacted by the visitors arriving to celebrate their graduates. If you are moving out this week, it is recommended that you move prior toThursday, June 15 if at all possible.

Need to stay after the move-out date and time?

Students who have a valid need to remain in residence the weekend following finals may request a late checkout through the Housing Portalmore »

Note: Current spring quarter residents who will be staying on campus in summer housing need to submit a late checkout request in order to remain in your current residence until you can move into your summer assignment on Wednesday, June 21.

Microfridge Rental Return: June 9, 10, & 11 (Friday-Sunday)

Did you rent a MicroFridge? Follow the return instructions to avoid extra charges.

Move-out Parking

Loading passes and instructions on where to load your vehicle will be provided to you via email. Do not block access to roadways or park in ADA/Medical or other specifically marked spaces. Unattended vehicles in fire lanes will be cited or towed.

Valid parking permits are required in lots or spaces not specifically designated for move-out operations during posted enforcement hours. Please visit Transportation & Parking Services for more information on permit requirements, purchasing permits, and the use of metered parking, pay stations, and the ParkMobile app.

Before Move-Out

Apply for Transitional Housing: Summer Students

Students taking Summer Session courses can apply for transitional housing during the gap between Spring session ending and Summer starting.

Apply for Transitional Housing / More about Transitional Housing

Apply for Alternative Housing: Student Workers, Renaissance Scholars, Academic Interns

Students working for UCSC, Renaissance scholars, or staying on campus for academic purposes unrelated to summer session can apply for alternative housing for the summer.

Apply for Alternative Housing / More about Alternative Housing

Drop off items to Zero-Waste Donation Centers

Donate clean clothes, household items, small furniture, unopened non-perishable food, and working electronics to donation stations near residences.

  • No torn or dirty clothes, pillows, glass, or cleaning products. 

Recycle bottles, cardboard, and electronics at recycling stations around the college.

Dispose medications and sharps at the Student Health Center.

Update Your Mailing Address

Change your address on your Student Housing Portal.

Your diploma, billing statement, and other University business will be sent to this address. 

Pick Up Your Mail

Retrieve all mail from the Mailroom.

The Mailroom is closed for the summer. All unretrieved mail will be Returned to Sender.

Get a Head Start on Moving



  • Begin to organize. Think about what you need for spring (do you need boxes, can you move some items early), what friends might be interested in, what needs to be recycled, or what can be donated.
  • Stop purchasing items you use infrequently. Common items in the trash at move out are partially used condiments, cereal, and pasta purchased late in the quarter.
  • Remove recyclables early. Recycling bins overflow during move out. Clearing out extra papers and accumulated cans and bottles early can help reduce clutter and leave room for last minute recycling.
  • Swap items with friends. Check in with hallmates and other friends and see if anyone is interested in that sweater you haven’t worn since last winter, the books for classes last year, or that extra water bottle. Be creative, talk to your Res Life staff about organizing a local swap event.
  • Packing and early moving. Pack items you don’t usually use and, if possible, take some home early (like Memorial Day weekend). Taking items home early means the rest has a better chance of fitting when you move in June.
  • Special recycling. Return compost buckets to Housing Facilities. Wood, metal, rigid plastic, and household chemicals can be recycled. Contact or call 459-2663 for more information.
  • Donate what you can. Goodwill partners with us to redistribute used household items. Unopened, non-perishable food donations will be distributed to on-campus food pantries. Look for advertising in May to learn how to donate these items.
  • Clean and sort your electronics. Mini-fridges need to be defrosted before you move them – ask your RA/NA where you can do this. Request a pick up of unwanted electronics at, note if it works or not – to help us in our reuse/recycling process.
  • Clean what you can. Vacuum your room before finals. By finals week the vacuum may be broken or missing. Make sure drawers are emptied. Do not repair minor damage. Notify Housing Facilities at of major damage.
  • Take the rest home. Items left are thrown away, adding to the landfill in a process that has led to injuries to staff and student workers.