Merrill College est. 1968 at UCSC

The Merrill College Office.

Our Ethos :
Exploring Cultural Identities & Raising Global Consciousness

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Merrill is a stimulating and innovative college in which to learn. Our students, faculty, and staff represent numerous cultural groups and nationalities. Merrill's central values are to stimulate respect for all world cultures, in general, and for the cultural heritage of each Merrill student in particular. The social atmosphere at Merrill College—situated in a beautiful, compact pocket of redwood trees—is friendly, focused, engaged, and accepting.

Thousands of Merrill students have made their mark in every area including history, art, psychology, politics, Latin American and Latino studies, biology, and several interdisciplinary subjects. The college has been home to members of many different cultures and lifestyles. Together we make up the Merrill community, a group of people diverse in backgrounds and interests, but who share a common commitment to excellence in education.