Housing at Merrill College

Residence Halls

Merrill College has four residential buildings set among the redwoods. While two of the buildings used to be divided-A Building's houses named Lorde-Studds, Kochiyama, and Bulosan and B Building’s houses named Gandhi and Kahlo-they are now each one building known colloquially as ‘A Building’ and ‘B Building'. Each house's name honors contributions made by an individual to their community. Most of Merrill’s first and second year students live in singles, doubles or large triples in these buildings. Our other two residential buildings, D Building (DuBois) and C Building (Chávez-Menchú), are smaller houses and are often reserved for continuing students. 

Residence Hall Theme Areas:

In addition to co-ed general interest housing, Merrill has a variety of housing options for students. Our housing options are based on individual backgrounds, lifestyle preferences, and academics. These options serve to compliment a student's experience on his or her hall. Hall activities are open to all Merrill students regardless of where they reside. We are aware that our students are from a variety of backgrounds and we make an effort to make our halls welcoming to all students.

Single-Gender Floor

Provides a supportive living and learning environment with the opportunity to get to know one another in a single-gender environment. Bathrooms are single gender.

GLBTIQQ Supportive

The Audre Lorde (lesbian poet/author) wing was established to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender awareness and to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for both queer identified students and allies. The wing provides education and support for the GLBTIQQ community via programming tailored to meet the needs of the residents and anyone who values diversity. Past events have included movie nights, campus dances, and participation in the UC- and CSU-wide GLBTIQQ conference.


Trans-inclusive Housing areas are intended to create safer and supportive spaces to live for transgender and gender-nonconforming students, and their allies. Students may room together regardless of gender or legal gender. Please note that this room assignment is likely to be on a mixed-gender floor/apartment and all students share common areas (e.g. bathrooms). Students who do not request a roommate(s) on their housing application will be assigned a roommate(s) based on preferences expressed in the housing application and a follow-up conversation with a housing staff member, if necessary. Only students who indicate an interest will be assigned to Trans-inclusive Housing (supplemental application required).

Trans-inclusive Housing for first-year students will be located in the Merrill College residence halls. First-year students need not be academically affiliated with Merrill in order to apply for and live within this community. Trans-inclusive Housing for continuing students and transfer students will be located at Redwood Grove. These apartments are available to students of any college affiliation. 

Brian Arao, Associate College Administrative Officer, serves as the housing liaison for trans-identified students and can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about which on-campus housing option (including but not limited to trans-inclusive housing) may best align with your needs. Brian can be reached at (831) 459-5178 or barao@ucsc.edu.

All-Gender Room Assignment

This housing option is ideal for students whose gender identification and/or gender expression varies from the standard paradigm, as well as any student sensitive to the concerns of transgender people.  Gender Neutral Housing allows for same gender or other-gender identities to live together regardless of biological sex.  Students wishing to live in gender neutral housing who do not self select a roommate on their housing application will be assigned a roommate based on answers provided on the Lifestyle Questionnaire and follow up interviews.

Substance Free

Students wishing to live in an environment free of fragrance, tobacco, alcohol (regardless of age), and other substances are encouraged to consider this option. Residents living in and/or visiting substance free housing areas agree not to bring any substances onto the floor, and also agree not to be in the area while "under the influence."

Quiet Floor

Residents looking for a living environment especially conducive to studying are encouraged to apply to this hall. Quiet hours are enforced 24 hours and day 7 days a week, and all residents are expected to uphold this policy. Residents who opt to live in this environment are requested to have & use headphones in their music players, and actively communicate with their community about respectful noise levels. Students pursuing intensive academic degrees who desire a peaceful living space are ideal candidates for this housing option.