The Merrill Archives

This page provides links to collections of historical Merrill documents, pictures, and memories.

Digital Collections

Merrill College has worked with UCSC Library Digital Collections to preserve our rich history.  The digital collection can be accessed here.

UCSC Special Collections and Archives

UCSC Special Collections and Archives (located within McHenry Library) additionally hosts a wide variety of physical documents related to the history of Merrill College.  A detailed description of the documents and media that comprise this collection can be found on the Online Archive of California.

For access to these archived documents and media for research purposes, use the Special Collections Request System.

The Merrill Person

"The Merrill Person" is a student initiated report on the climate and character of Merrill College in it's infancy.  The report focuses on, amongst other topics, Merrill's academic impetus as told through interviews with former Merrill Provost Philip Bell, 45 Merrill students, and others within the Merrill community.