While many of the programs and events we do at Merrill are new each year, there are also a few traditions that have been a part of Merrill on an annual basis.


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    Merrill Moat Jam

    Moat Jam is an outdoor dance party hosted by your OLs and RAs. With a DJ perched above the Merrill Moat in a balcony, it is wall to wall dancing filling the Merrill Moat with new friends and amazing music. The dance traditionally happens on the Sunday of move in weekend.

  • Halloween Dance

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    Halloween Dance

    Another huge Merrill Dance, your chance to haunt the cultural center and show off your spooky style.  Wear your costume and learn the steps to thriller another opportunity to dance through the witching hour.

  • College Night

  • Quarterly

    College Nights is a tradition as old as UCSC that happen once or twice per quarter.  Each one has a unique theme that influences the Menu, Entertainment, Decoration, and Co-Curricular. Some of our past themes have included Bollywood, Anime, Saturday Morning in the 80's, Local Organic, Hogwarts, Folkloric and New Orleans

  • Faux Shaux

  • Drag show

    Faux Shaux is a gender expression drag performance done in partnership with the UCSC Women's Center.  it is an opportunity for anyone to perform an expression of gender in epic proportion.

  • Moat Day

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    Mural Project

    A Merrill tradition for over 40 years. On Moat day the community gathers together for the new murals to be painted and to enjoy the laid back atmosphere of this spring art festival in the Merrill Plaza.  The Merrill Programs and Leadership Office hosts a taco bar and the RA's and PA's host fun activities stations.