Mailroom Hours for 2023-2024

Mailroom Building

The Merrill Mailroom is conveniently located in the Merrill Plaza across the breezeway from the College Office. All students living at Merrill will receive a mailbox number assignment and combination code and will receive email notifications when packages are available for pickup during mailroom open hours.

Mailbox assignments for the 2023-2024 school year will be sent through your email mid-to-late September 2023.

Please note that some mailboxes are SHARED so be aware of taking out personal mail from your assigned box.

Your address is:
First and Last Name
UCSC, Merrill College, Box #(your assigned mailbox number)
641 Merrill Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1102

Check out the Mailroom FAQ for commonly asked questions and concerns about the mailroom.

Mailroom Contact:

If the calendar does not work, you can access it through a separate page here.

**We are unable to forward mail and/or packages once you leave campus. Please update your mailing address with family, friends, and vendors, as well as with USPS here: