Mailroom Hours for 2019-2020

The Merrill Mailroom is conveniently located in the Merrill plaza across the breezeway from the College Office. All students living at Merrill and all Merrill affiliated students living at The Village receive a mailbox number assignment and combination code and will receive email notifications when packages are available for pickup during mailroom open hours. Due to the limited number of boxes available, off-campus students are not eligible for an on-campus mailbox. Check out the Mailroom FAQ for commonly asked questions and concerns about the mailroom.

Mailroom Contact:

Mailroom hours and updates to open hours can be viewed on the calendar below.

The mailroom is closed for summer.  Please begin using your new address for all parcels and letter mail as soon as possible.  You are welcome to pickup mail or parcels if accidentally sent to the Merrill mailroom but please email Hayden Ryan at to arrange a pickup time since all items will automatically be returned to sender if we do not hear from you.