Are you prepared for graduation?

Graduating this year?

Applying to Graduate and registering for commencement are two separate processes. We are frequently asked questions about this topic, so read carefully!

  • Apply to Graduate: Every student must Apply to Graduate on their MyUCSC portal in order to indicate that you intend to finish your degree in a particular quarter. If you do not Apply to Graduate, your degree will not be awarded. Students should apply to graduate at the beginning of the quarter that they will finish their final classes. Be mindful of deadlines, to avoid any late fees. Note: do not apply to graduate for spring if you are not finishing your degree in spring! You can still participate in commencement even if you are not graduating till summer or fall.
  • Register for Commencement: If you intend to participate in this year's commencement ceremony, make sure you register by the deadline and keep an eye on your email for any updates about the event. Participation in commencement is optional and does not impact your degree completion. Please note that commencement only happens once a year, at the end of spring quarter. If you graduate during a different quarter (summer, fall, winter), you may still participate in commencement. Email Merrill Advising if you have questions about which commencement would be most appropriate for you to attend.

Planning ahead?

If you are a senior, or just planning ahead, you'll want to be sure you are on track for graduation, and preparing for your next steps. Here are some tips.

  • Do a grad check! Verify completion of graduation requirements on the Academic Advisement Report on your MyUCSC portal. If you have questions about university requirements, general education requirements, or credits, contact a Merrill College advisor or peer advisor. If you have questions about major requirements, please refer to your department advisor.
  • Internships! Take advantage of resources at the Career Center to explore career and graduate school opportunities. Completing an internship can help to motivate you with your coursework and give you valuable practical experience. 
  • Participate in research! As a research institution, UCSC has many opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in faculty research projects or develop their own research project.  Set your sights on receiving honors at UCSC and beyond!
  • Make connections! Developing mentoring relationships with faculty, university staff, and work supervisors will not only enrich your college experience, but will also be helpful when asking for letters of recommendation.  Attend faculty office hours to discuss research interests or career and educational paths.
  • Need more time? If you need to extend your time at UC Santa Cruz, please see a Merrill Advisor to complete an extension of enrollment.