A Merrill education meant, and still means, understanding the world and experiencing it.

The Merrill Society is a group of engaged alumni, faculty, staff, and students devoted to the mission of Merrill College. We'll bring you news about the projects we undertake to support our beloved college, and invite you to participate in invigorating conversations with community members who come together to discuss topics reflecting the Merrill ethos of "Exploring Cultural Identities and Raising Global Consciousness".

Our goals:

  • To support experiential education at Merrill College, including field study programs, classroom mentoring, and hands-on research

  • To develop a rich web of mentoring opportunities for Merrill students

  • To create a network of Merrill alumni and friends throughout California and beyond

The Merrill Society also supports existing experiential learning programs at the college that give students opportunities to work in their chosen fields, connect with mentors, and experience hands-on research at a level that many don’t experience before graduate school. These programs include our Field Study Program and Undergraduate Research Mentorships; Keep in Touch!

If you'd like to sign up for our regular newsletter or are interested in getting involved with us, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!