Merrill College Academic Advising

From left to right: Merrill College Advisers, Magdalena Serrano, Anum Qadir and Beth Thompson. Offices located at the Merrill College Office.

Welcome to Merrill College Advising!

The Merrill College advising team is here to guide students from the time of their acceptance to UCSC through graduation.  By developing collaborative advising relationships, we help students identify and explore their interests and establish academic, personal and career goals.

Academic Preceptor Beth Thompson and Academic Advisers Magdalena Serrano and Anum Qadir are available to answer questions about scheduling classes, degree requirements, qualifying for a major, educational support and opportunities, and we hope to empower our students to make the most of their time at UCSC.

We invite you to come to see us whenever you need help, have a question or just need someone to talk with. We are here for you!

Advising Hours:

The College Office is open Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 12:00PM and 1:00PM to 4:00PM

Drop-in and appointment hours for the regular academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring):
Monday - Friday: 9:30-11:30 am and 1:30-3:30 pm (advising is not available on Thursday mornings due to campus wide advising meetings*).

Summer advising hours are by appointment only (phone or in person).

To make an appointment please call the front desk: (831) 459-2144.

*Because advising hours do vary from time to time for various reasons (meetings, staff illness, campus-wide closures etc.), we always recommend that students call first if they are coming to campus specifically for advising needs.  We are closed on all university holidays.

Contact Info:
Phone: (831) 459 - 2144
Fax: (831) 459 - 5634
Location: Merrill College Administration Building (across from the college mailroom)

Drop-in vs. Appointment:
Drop-in is a brief 10-15 minute meeting regarding quick questions such as: graduation checks, scheduling questions, signatures on forms, etc. Come on in for drop in whenever is convenient for you!
Appointments are 30-minute meetings regarding: readmission, academic standing, petitions or exceptions, etc. (same-day appointments are not available).

Maximize your advising experience:
Review your student portal including your Academic Advisement Report and Student Advising Summary.
Bring a list of questions to help guide your meeting.
Meet with your major (or prospective) major/minor adviser for any questions about those requirements.
Follow up with your adviser’s recommendations to utilize other campus resources as needed.

Email Advising:
General questions can be emailed to Response time is generally within 2 days business days.  Due to campus polices on privacy of student records, please use your UCSC email account when corresponding with university officials and offices.  Please include your full name and student identification number in the body of your email. Please avoid sending duplicate emails to multiple advisers.