UCSC Special Collections and Archives (Located within McHenry Library at UCSC) holds a collection of reference materials gathered by Noel Q. King during his early years at UCSC.  A description of the documents is provided by UCSC Special Collections and Archives:

"This collection contains manuscripts, interviews and copies of works written primarily in the Luganda language, with many English translations by Ugandan and other writers, from the era of the newly independent Uganda and the proceeding Protectorate, used as a reference library by Mr. King and his associates. Also included is an incomplete manuscript by Ayre Oded on Islam in Buganda, as well as some published materials, correspondence, clippings, and photographs concerning Muslims in Uganda."

Further information about the collection and information on requesting access to the items is found on the Online Archive of California's page dedicated to this specific collection.

In addition to the photographs on the photos tab, historical photographs of Noel Q. King can be viewed within UCSC's online Digital Collections.