Pathways to Graduate School

The Pathways to Graduate School Course Series (MERR 35A and MERR 35B) is one of the eight grant-funded activities of the GANAS Graduate Pathways Project. It is designed to serve junior and senior Latinx and/or Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) undergraduate students who are unfamiliar with graduate school and its application process. The purpose of these courses is to equip students with strategies that address barriers in the application process in order to submit successful graduate school applications. 

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MERR 35A: Pathways To Graduate School Phase 1
2 Units
Spring Quarter

Guides students in utilizing relevant and timely information, tools, and strategies to embark on the path to graduate school exploration and preparation, including strategies for addressing challenges and opportunities related to diversity within graduate education. Students explore their values and motivations for pursuing graduate school, network with guest speakers (current graduate students, faculty members, graduate school admissions professionals); and prepare to continue their development as scholars and researchers in order to deliver outstanding graduate school application materials (personal statements, CV/resumes, letters of recommendation requests). Through these course activities, students cultivate their scholarly identity and sense of self-efficacy as future graduate students. Enrollment is restricted to sophomores and juniors in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences divisions and by instructor permission. Students in the EOP program are given priority. Enrollment limited to 20.

MERR 35B: Pathways To Graduate School–Phase 2
3 Units
Fall Quarter

Guides students via a strengths-based approach in utilizing the information, resources, support, and self-determination they identified in MERR 35A, Pathways to Graduate School–Phase 1, to navigate the graduate school application process and submit for admission to respective graduate programs and/or other competitive opportunities. Prerequisite(s): MERR 35A. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor. Enrollment is restricted to juniors and seniors in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Divisions or by instructor permission. Students in the EOP program are given priority. Enrollment limited to 20.