Make a Reservation

  • Reservations are limited to one meeting or event booked at any given time. These spaces may not be reserved for ongoing meetings (i.e., every Monday at 4pm), nor can they be used in an alternating fashion for ongoing meeting times (Fireside one Monday at 4pm, CM Community Room the next Monday at 4pm, etc.).
  • Non-Crown/Merrill affiliated student organizations are limited to two Crown/Merrill room reservations per quarter. All reservations and/or SOAR Event Approval Forms must be completed a minimum of 48 hours in advance of any event.
  • If a conflict in facility use occurs, use of the facility will be granted to the party with an official reservation.
  • If a group is planning to use media equipment in lounge spaces it is the group’s responsibility to test the equipment at least 24 hours in advance and to notify the college of any problems immediately. The reserving group must agrees to accept all financial responsibilities for damages/cleaning costs. The reserving group must return the lounge to its original condition before leaving.