Accommodations for Commencement

Disability Lot Parking Pass

Each student registered for Merrill Commencement can pick up two (2) parking passes from the Merrill College Office beginning Monday, June 1, 2015. Students may swap out one of both of these event parking permits for a disability lot parking permit when they pick up their passes. No special request or advance notice is needed.

The only benefit of a disability pass is that the lot is serviced by UCSC vans that have wheelchair-lift capabilities. Please obtain a disability pass only if your guest will benefit because they:

  • Use a wheelchair or electric scooter, or;
  • Are physically unable to board the steps up into a campus shuttle, or;
  • Will be driving themselves and are unable to walk from a parked car in East Remote to the internal shuttle stop (those that are not driving themselves can be dropped at the internal shuttle stop and wait while the driver parks).

Guests with a regular commencement pass can shuttle from East Remote and will disembark in the same location as the vans from disability parking. The wait for a shuttle from East Remote is significantly shorter than the wait at the disability lot (because there are far more shuttles than disability vans), which is why a disability lot permit should only be acquired in the above circumstances.

Crossing the Field From Shuttle/Van Drop

All guests, whether disembarking from a UCSC shuttle or UCSC disability van, will need to cross from the edge of the playing field out to the audience seating area (~70 yards). Guests wishing assistance may visit the attendant at the tent marked "Disability Support" near the shuttle/van drop; the attendant will have a wheelchair available and will use it to assist guests to the audience section. Please let your guests know of this resource.

The wheelchair is available only to transport guests to/from the seating area and/or restroom and cannot be left with any one guest (it is needed to support all attendees). If your guest will need use of a wheelchair for more than transport to/from the seating area (for instance, for the duration of the ceremony or at the following reception located at Merrill College), they should arrive with their own wheelchair. Restrooms are ~100 yards from the audience seating area.

Sign Language Interpretation (Please Request by April 29th)

If you or a guest will require sign language interpretation, please indicate the request in the appropriate field while registering for Merrill Commencement no later than Wednesday April 29th. Though we will make every effort, we cannot guarantee assistance if a request is made after April 29th due to the high demand on university-approved interpreters during the commencement season.

Large Print Programs

Large print programs will be available at the Programs and Information tent at the ceremony site.

Limited Shade Seating

There will be limited amounts of shade seating, available on a first-come first-served basis, near the rear of the audience. Click here for a picture of the ceremony site.

Questions or Other Accommodation-Related Needs

Please contact Jeremy Parker ( or 831-459-3357) if you have a request or concern not addressed on this page.