Move Out 2017

Move Out 2017

There are three options that will help get you moved out at the end of Spring Quarter!

If you are checking out before Move Out Week (which is June 12th-June16th) you can sign up for an Express Checkout using the link on this page.

If you are checking out during Move Out Week, you can do one of the following things:


Sign up for an Express Checkout. You will be able to leave when you have finished cleaning and packing everything up, without waiting to be checked out by staff. If you sign up for this option, please note that any charges for damages or cleaning that are assessed at the end of Move Out Week are not contestable. This means that if we find damages or have to vacuum, clean up belongings, take out the trash, etc. you will be charged following the guidelines of Housing Charges (see chart), so be sure to clean your space well and move all of your things out! Please don’t forget to turn in any keys that were checked out to you (brass keys, music room, kitchen and/or TEMP cards) which can be done by dropping keys off at the Housing Office during office hours Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm. If you leave outside of these hours and on the weekends, please pick up a key envelope from your RA in advance and drop keys in the Drop Slot at Crown College Advising. Unreturned keys will be charged to resident.

Please note that the deadline to move out is June 16th, 2017 at 12:00pm. Please choose a time that falls before this deadline to avoid fines. If you are applying for an extension, please wait to fill out this form to determine if you have been approved or denied. Thanks!

Sign up here for an Express Checkout! *You must be logged into your email to do this*


Sign up for an in-person checkout appointment. The appointments are Monday-Thursday from 8:00am-7:00pm, and space is limited to staffing availability. Please sign up for only one appointment slot and make sure to add your college/building/room number to the WHERE space. Your space must be empty and cleaned before your appointment time as you will no longer have access to the space once your checkout is complete. *You and your roommates may sign up for one appointment time if you are leaving at the same time. Please indicate *Group appointment* when you add your room number. The space must be empty and cleaned before your appointment time.

Sign up here for an IN-PERSON Checkout Appointment!

*You must be logged into your email to do this. Please sign up for only one appointment time. You can hover over the appointment to see the time. Make sure to indicate where you live in the "Where" space.*

Drop In Checkouts-Friday

*June 16th from 8:00am-12:00pm only*

If you are leaving on Friday, please stop by our Check Out table in the Merrill Plaza and check out in person with one of our student staff. Keep in mind that this operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so allow time for waiting. Alternately, you can still sign up for an Express Checkout using the link provided. The Express Checkout will allow you to leave as soon as you have finished moving your things out and cleaning your space. We do go through all rooms at the end of Move Out Week, and charges will apply to any spaces with damages or that need cleaning.

Cleaning Your Space:

You are responsible for making sure your space is empty and clean. Please move out all of your belongings, take out the trash and recycling, wipe down surfaces and vacuum the floors before you leave/check out in-person. If there are broken items or issues, put in your fixit ticket now to resolve this before you leave. Charges will apply for damages, as well as for any cleaning that needs to be done after you leave.

Students who have a valid need to remain in residence the weekend following finals may request a contract extension through Student Housing Online. Whether you're participating in commencement activities, working on-campus, or waiting to catch your international/out-of-state flight, you'll need to submit an extension request to stay in residence after the quarter ends. Requests are subject to the review and approval of the student’s college/residential facility.