Peer Advisers

  • Sydney

    Sydney Birakos

    Major in Art and Design: Games and Playable Media and Minor in Technology and Information Management

    She/her pronouns

    I'm super excited to be a peer advisor this year and help relay information about campus to other students while getting to know my peers better at the same time. Getting familiar with campus and campus resources can sometimes be difficult and I can't wait to help others have a smoother transition into college life.

    Interesting facts:
    I don't like chocolate
    I am from Southern California
    I think about Game of Thrones at least once a day
  • Tatiana

    Tatiana Villaseñor

    Double Major in Sociology combined with LALS and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies 

    She/ Her(s) pronouns

    After UCSC I am aspiring to work at a non-profit in the Bay Area helping empower immigrant/ minority youth to strive to achieve higher education.  As a peer advisor I am hoping to help retain students and connect them to right resources so that they could make the most out of their experience here at UCSC.

    Interesting Facts:
    I dance Folklorico (traditional Mexican folk dance).
    I love coffee and sleep.
  • No alternative text

    Kevin Sun

    Global Economics Major
    He/His Pronouns

    I am excited to be back at Merrill again as a peer adviser this year. This is my fifth year at UCSC and I am excited to use all the knowledge I have accumulated throughout my time here to assist students with any questions or concerns, whether it be about academics or where the Ming Ong Computer Labs is.

    Interesting Facts:
    I have lived in 3 countries.
    I do not know the complete lyrics to any song.
    I am trying to learn Spanish.
  • Leon Giang

    Leon Giang

    Biomolecular Engineering Major
    He/Him/His Pronouns

    I became a peer adviser because I want to help students figure out their academic career path early on and also find the resources and advice they need to make the most out of their college experience. If you have any questions about navigating college life, let me help you find the answers.

    Interesting facts:
    I had Spanish class with Snoop Dogg's son
    I love spicy food
    I love Disney movies
  • No alternative text

    Ragini Inguva

    Proposed Major in Politics and Legal Studies 
    she/her(s) pronouns 

    I am excited to be a part of the peer advising team this year because I love meeting new people and helping out with anything they might need. I am a first year at UCSC and new to the campus community so becoming a Peer Advisor is a great opportunity to get more familiar with Merrill and the campus as a whole. 

    Interesting Facts: Dolphins and stingrays are my favorite animals. I've been to boarding school in India. I'm fluent in Telugu and it is my first language.