Merr120: Personal Empowerment

This is a cross-disciplinary course on: Personal Empowerment, General Problem-Solving, Psychological Unblocking, Creativity, Goals, Creating Community, Wisdom, Meaning and Richness in Life.

Much of this course is devoted to individual goal-oriented behavior, or what is often called problem-solving. How people identify, take on, and move through their problems will be considered through intensive personal scrutiny, exercises, and reading, both in class and outside. The purpose of the course is for us to experience more control over our lives, to choose and solve problems which lead to our own long-term satisfaction and to the enrichment of our society, and to create and experience community and mutual support. The course is of professional value for people who plan to be counselors, teachers, administrators, problem-solvers, or who wish to cultivate their creativity.

The following topics will receive special focus: Problems, purposes, and goals; Meaning in life; The origin and cultivation of emotions; Languages, model-building, and reality; Thinking and creativity; Romantic and other relationships, The steps of solving problems; Common blocks and techniques of unblocking; What’s it all for, and how do you experience love, gratitude, caring, community, concern, delight, enthusiasm, joy, sensitivity, surrender, and wonder in the process of it all.

To apply, read the syllabus, write the letter suggested in the last page and contact the instructor, Frank Andrews.

The course is offered winter quarter, MWF from 4:00 to 5:30 in Crown 203. Note the extended hours for the course.