College Math Academy

College Math Academy (CMA) is a small, interactive Math 3 (Precalculus) course available for Crown, Merrill, Oakes, and Rachel Carson students pursuing majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
During Fall Quarter, College Math Academy is offered for Crown and Merrill students. During Winter Quarter, College Math Academy is offered for Oakes and Rachel Carson students.

Who is eligible?
As a student, with an ALEKS PPL Score of 200, you are eligible to be enrolled into a highly supported MATH 3 course called College Math Academy. This unique MATH 3 course is prioritized for EOP STEM-intended students who are affiliated with these four Colleges. Students who are involved in Science Learning Community, SEMILLA Scholars, or Engineering Academy will also be given priority.

What is Math Academy?
Math Academy is a seminar style Math 3 (Precalculus) class capped at 40 students with more opportunities to interact with an experienced instructor. It includes Lecture & Discussion (5 units) and a Lab (2 units) = 7 units total.

What is the benefit of being in Math Academy?
• The small class of 40 STEM-intended students will give you an opportunity to build a strong foundation of fundamental mathematical knowledge as well as build a sense of community during your first quarter at UCSC.

• The primary focus of the Crown/Merrill 2-unit lab is designed to teach students how to develop a social justice based project that is relevant and interesting to the student by looking at it through the lens of quantitative analysis using the Precalculus curriculum.

• Students will be supported by a teaching team: an instructor, a graduate student teaching assistant, tutors, and an academic counselor. 

Here is a sample schedule for Math Academy:






MATH 3-02



MATH 3 Discussion (3:20-4:55pm)

MATH 3-02 Lecture


MERR 3 or CRWN 3 Lab


MATH 3-02 Lecture



Watch Student Testimonials: Hear from students who have been in College Math Academy in the past and hear from the instructor:

Enrollment Instructions

Fall Quarter (Crown/Merrill Colleges): Math placement can be done via AP scores or Math Assessment, called ALEKS. Please complete your ALEKS assessment so your score is posted and you are ready to enroll at orientation. We advise to complete ALEKS by July 16th, for room in the course, but anytime before August 13th!

This MATH 3 offering through Math Academy is restricted to Crown/Merrill students and shown as closed. An interest form is required prior to orientation. Once you submit your interest form, you will be notified if you are eligible to be apart of College Math Academy's MATH 3. You will be emailed instructions on how to get enrolled at orientation or remotely if you are not attending orientation. We will provide you a permission number and help you enroll into the lecture and lab, a total of 7 units. Please email if you would like access to the interest form or have any questions.