Merrill Core Writing Matters Awards

Writing Matters to Merrill College

Merrill College is delighted to have inaugurated its Writing Matters award in Fall 2013, presented to students in each section of the Merrill Core course. This award recognizes that, given meaningful conversation about thought-provoking material, students at the university will have thought-provoking, compelling responses, even in their first quarter of enrollment. And it recognizes that, given an opportunity to develop their ideas over several drafts, to attend to form and rhetorical effectiveness, these university writers will be able to make real contact with their readers: to raise questions for them, leave them thinking, and leave them wanting to know more.

Writing that matters is not “perfect” writing. In fact, it can be messy: grappling with difficult issues often is. But writing that matters is writing that affects its readers. It might even be writing that causes change. Merrill College thus honors the following students for having so effectively embodied the values of the college by demonstrating their thinking in writing that matters. All Merrill Core students are candidates for Writing Matters awards. In addition, all first-year students are encouraged to submit essays for consideration for the campus-wide Don Rothman Endowed Award in First-Year Writing.

Merrill Core Writing Matters Award Winners

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